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Heritage Glazing Solutions LTD have over 30 years experience in the glazing industry, now specialising inThermal and Acoustic sector for both domestic and commercial clients. 


Specialising in the manufacture of secondary glazing systems for all property types from listed buildings to hotels to office suits.


Here at Heritage Glazing we are not only interested in offering a product to improve our clients personal environment but in producing a product that helps improve our global environment too.  By ensuring our production processes are as close to carbon neutral as possible.  100% of our waste product is directed away from landfill, by either recycling or incineration - which uses heat recovery to produce electricity for local households.  We also obtain our materials as locally as possible from UK sources.


Our manufacturing plant is based in Wolverhampton in the heart of the West Midlands ensuring we can deliver and install our energy efficient products to almost anywhere in the country.


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